1. Centrifugal Pumps of stainless steel with shaft seal
Series  CS/CSM (Q = max 400 m³/h | H = max 160 m):
in dye-cast stainless steel complying with hygienic standards EHEDG and 3A, also suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning, own bearing pedestal allows mounting of standard motors.
Special features: high efficiency - low NPSH required.

Series CL/CLC
(Q= max 95 m³/h  H= max 74 m):

single stage pump in economic block design, pump and motor using a common shaft, casing made from cold drawn stainless steel. Pump needs flooded suction. Impeller can be open or closed type.

Series AS
(Q = max 50 m³/h | H =max 40 m):
self-priming side channel pump other features similar to CS.

Application: food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products.

2. Centrifugal pumps of plastic with shaft sealkrp_zp01
Series ZP (Q = max 150  m³/h | H = max 65 m):
horizontal pump with coupling.

Series ZN (Q = max 150  m³/h | H = max 65 m):
horizontal pump close coupled

Series ZPA (Q = max 150  m³/h | H = max 65 m):
horizontal pump self-priming with coupling.

Series ZNA (Q = max 150  m³/h | H = max 65 m):
horizontal pump self-priming close coupled.

Series ZPV (Q = max 150  m³/h | H = max 65 m):

Application:aggressive chemical liquids like pickling acid, drainage from disposal sites, galvanic baths, inorganic acids. 

3. Centrifugal pumps with magnetic drive

krp_mca01Series MCA (Q= max 1000 m³/h | H= max 140 m):
horizontal centrifugal process pump as per ISO 2858 in cast stainless steel SS316 or Incolloy IN825 or Hastelloy HC276 or Monel 400. Pressures up to 25 bar, temperatures -100°C/+350°C

Series MCH (Q= max 100 m³/h | H= max 40 m):
horizontal centrifugal process pump in PP or PVDF. Pressure up to 10 bar, Temperature up to 110°C.

Series MC-SP (Q= max 60 m³/h | H= max 35 m):
centrifugal process pump self-priming in PP or PVDF. Pressure up to 8 bar, Temperature up tos 110°C

Series MCHV (Q= max 100 m³/h | H= max 40 m):
vertical centrifugal process pump in PP or PVDF.
Advantage: the long drive shaft in carbon steel is supported at both ends by generously sized roller bearings and does not come in contact with the liquid - an advantage especially with larger pit depths.

Series MTA (Q= max 12 m³/h | H= max 180 m):
Side channel pump self-priming in SS316, IN825, HC276, Monel 400, Titanium. Pressure up to 25 bar (250 bar), Temperature -100°C/+315°C. Sense of rotation reversible, can be sterilized by high-pressure steam.

Series MT (Q= max 14 m³/h | H= max 50 m):
Side channel pump self-priming in PP or PVDF, pressure up to 8 bar, temperature up to 110°C.
Special feature: side channel pumps can handle easily liquids containing up to 20% gas.

Series MT-SP (Q= max 14 m³/h | H= max 50 m):
same as series MT, but self-priming.

Application: in chemical processes.

4. Submersible pumps in plastic with canned motor
Series CHS (Q= max 50 m³/h | H= max 30 m):
An extraordinarily corrosion resistant submersible pump using ECTFE (Halar) as the lining of the rotor, and others like PP or PVDF, Hastelloy C and PTFE. The pumped liquid serves as coolant for the canned motor. The stator volume is filled with dielectrical oil and sealed-off hermetically from the pumped liquid by double o-rings. Temperature of the pumped liquid <40°C!

Application: in chemical industry to be submerged in a tank to distribute clean strong acids of up to 40°C and up to a density of 1.3 kg/l


5. Self-priming pump with channel type impeller

krp_trash01Series „trash“ (Q= max 160 m³/h | H= max 30 ):

Centrifugal pump for sewage water highly charged with solids. Pump housing of aluminum, volute and impeller of cast iron, wear plates of cast iron lined with oilresistant rubber. This special pump offers as an important benefit the quick access to all essential parts. Cover and volute can be easily removed to facilitate maintenance work and after all it allows to cope with a plugged pump. Maximum suction lift is between 6 to 9 m depending on pump speed, priming at 2 m suction lift takes 20 to 30 seconds depending on pump size. Maximum sphere size of solids 28 to 50 mm depending on pump size.

Application: removal of sewage water, sand, slurry and general waste from pits and sumps.

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