The stator made of an elastomer encloses the metallic rotor tightly. Therefore the pump has an excellent priming capability. The discharge pressure corresponds to the length of the stator-rotor-unit.

Series MAN/MAE:exz_man01
Pumps are made of stainless 304 or 316 with stators of NBR and rotors of stainless steel. Special applications will require other elastomers and coated rotors. Product connections are available to comply with all hygienic standards. Accessories for handling of difficult products can be attached like: hoppers with feeding screw(s), paddles to split-up accumulated product particles etc. Shaft seals may be packing rings or mechanical seals. The series MAN has its own bearing stool which is connected to the driver by a flexible coupling.

 Application: foodstuff, cosmetics, beverage industry and enology.

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