Pump housings are available in brass, stainless steel, high-alloy stainless, or in plastic PP or PVDF. Internal parts are of stainless steel, ceramic and carbon graphite.

1. with shaft seal
The combination of materials metal/graphite allows a very close fit between moving parts and therefore is ideal for handling of thin liquids with poor lubricating characteristics. This results in a performance curve with a flow rate being but little affected by changes in pressure.

This pump series, built in great numbers, has proven its value a thousand times. It is priceworthy and preferred for standard applications.

Application: carbonator pump in beverage dispensing systems, raw water feed pump in reverse osmosis, boiler feed pump in larger coffee machines and for commercial ironing.

dsp_mag012. with magnetic coupling

Series TM:

Pumps made of the same materials as DSP with shaft seal. The magnetic drive, however, does away with the shaft seal and thus makes the pump hermetically tight, allows for higher speeds and protects the pump from mechanical damage by solid particles entered into it.

Application: for thin clean liquids like water or chemicals like disinfectants, propionic acid, acetic acid, sodium hydroxide etc.


Series TMFR:

Latest development of a compact sealless pump with integrated driver. The electric motor and the outer magnet are replaced by a stator winding around the magnet cup of the pump. Rotation of the stator field is directly imposed on the inner magnet of the pump. An electronic control device in a separate box allows precise speed adjustment.

Advantages: compact unit fits where other pumps are too voluminous, very quiet operation (no motor, no cooling fan, less moving parts), variable speed controlled at the spot or from distance.

Series MPA:
Pumps with casing in stainless steel 316 or in higher grade alloys. Internal parts in carbon graphite bonded either by resin or metal.

Application: thin clean chemicals like acids, caustic, solvents, refrigerants. Example: spraying of ammonia solution for stack gas denitrification.

Series MP:dsp_mp01
Pumps with casing of plastic (PP/PVDF), otherwise similar to series MPA, but absolutely no metal in contact with the pumped liquid.

Application: strong inorganic acids with limitations of pressure and temperature according to the plastic material.

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